About us

Pure Rail was formed in July 2014 by rail professionals motivated by the opportunity to improve and drive safety in the rail industry.

Pure Rail have been able to vastly differentiate themselves from the industry’s historic Safeworking providers. At the inception of the business the management team undertook a comprehensive risk assessment of the inherent industry shortfalls. The risk assessment took into account previous generic industrial Safeworking incidents and the underlying contributing factors. A few common factors were identified in these incidents and controls were implemented in the business so as not to repeat the mistakes of historic providers. At a high level these shortfalls were distilled down to communication, Safeworker geographical experience, Safeworker preparedness and information sharing. To that end Pure Rail have spent a significant amount of time and resources in developing  inhouse digital processes which addresses all identified factors.

With one of our core strengths being the quality of our safeworking personnel, all our staff have a rich history and experience in rail and we pride ourselves on operating with integrity, transparency and a commitment to continuous improvement.  

As rail safeworking specialists, we readily offer advice, support and mentorship to Clients and Safeworkers alike. Our Senior Safeworking Specialist team are available at any time to consult on safeworking solutions for minor ad-hoc works right through to complex multi-site projects.