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Safe Working in the Rail Corridor. 
If you wish to enter the rail corridor, you will need the services of a suitably qualified Protection Officer. At Pure Rail we work with our customers to determine what services best suit your needs and then match you up to one of our highly skilled Protection Officers. 
As all sites on the rail corridor are unique, we at Pure Rail take the time to ask a few extra questions regarding your requirements and desired outcomes. We believe this helps us ensure we are able to provide the right person for your project.
What we offer
Pure Rail are dedicated to providing high quality safe working staff to the rail industry. Should you need to enter the rail corridor Pure Rail staff are able to offer you everything from detailed safe working plans for your site, down to the consumables you will need to adequately secure your staff from rail traffic. 
We at Pure Rail are always willing to offer advise and share our knowledge. We welcome any inquiries and are only happy to conduct site inspections. 
At Pure Rail SAFETY of our customers and staff is our number one priority.
Our people
Pure Rail are able to offer the following resources;  
  • Hand Signaler Level 1 
  • Hand Signaler Level 2 
  • Protection Officer Level 1 
  • Protection Officer Level 2 
  • Protection Officer Level 3 
  • Protection Officer Level 4 
  • Track Machine Operator (TMO) 
  • Track Vehicle Operator (TVO) 
  • 52/53 Track Inspector 
  • Principle Protection Officers 
  • Rail Welders 
  • Skilled Rail Labourers 
  • NDT weld testing